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Redevelopment of Central Vista Avenue - "Kartavya Path"

The Kartavya path to India's decolonization!

Kartavya Path Redevelopment
 (Photo Source: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs)

Previously known as the
"RajPath", this famous Indian stretch was known as "Kingsway" in 1947. However, it has now been renamed to "Kartavya Path", which means "Path of Duty." Rashtrapati Bhavan is the official residence of the President of India.

OverView of Central Vista Avenue- Kartavya Path

In New Delhi, India, there is a famous architectural masterpiece called Rashtrapati Bhavan. Sir Edwin Lutyens, a British architect, created the design, which was finished in 1929. Rashtrapati Bhavan's design is an example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, which combines traditional Indian and European elements.Within the Rashtrapati Bhavan compound, is a ceremonial avenue called Kartavya Path. It extends from India Gate (a war memorial), to Rashtrapati Bhavan(the president of India's ceremonial home). The Republic Day Parade, an annual event honouring the adoption of the Indian Constitution, is held on Kartavyapath, an important boulevard of historical and symbolic significance. This ceremonial Path has completed its Redevelopment construction and has been inaugurated on 28th May 2023 by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Will "Kartavya Path" have the same impact on all Indians?

The arresting name alone demonstrates how our independence fighters and soldiers gave their lives to end colonialism in our nation and continued to uphold their kartavya till the very end. Kartavya Path symbolises responsibility, loyalty, and sacrifice. Additionally, it aims to advance a fresh conception of democratic freedom, empowerment, and public ownership. The updated design shows some of these concepts.

Why “Rajpath” required new development?

Rajpath's future growth or alterations would be based on a number of variables, including urban planning, beautification, infrastructural improvements, and the requirement to increase the area's ceremonial significance. These decisions are normally made by the appropriate government agencies and may be influenced by things like enhancing the boulevard's attractiveness, increasing accessibility, or accommodating larger crowds during significant national events.

Architecture of central vista avenue — What Has Changed?

In order to address the local modern difficulties, the Central Vista Avenue has undergone renovation.

After the Central Vista Avenue project, the Government of India has now renamed Rajpath to Kartavya Path to drop its colonial reference.

Red Granite Path
 (Photo Source: ANI)

With vegetation all around, the newly rebuilt stretch includes red granite pathways spanning over 1.1 lakh square metres. Sandstone pavements have taken the place of crushed brick walkways on either side of the avenue.

New Stepped Garden
 (Photo Source: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs)

New Stepped Garden, The Kartavya Path grass and walkways were renovated, and the path now features wonderfully constructed terraced gardens and restored canals, which adds to the general aesthetic appeal of public areas.

Shubhaschandra Bose Statue
 (Photo Source: ANI)

'Netaji' was given a space that was formerly occupied by an imposing marble statue of British monarch King George V in the iconic canopy of India Gate, where a huge statue of freedom hero Subhas Chandra Bose was inaugurated on Thursday.

 (Photo Source: ANI)

"The entire canal area has been renovated and fortified to a total of nineteen acres. Aerators and other necessary equipment have been installed in the canals. To stop seepage, the canal walls have been reinforced with strong and long-lasting materials.

Public amenities
 (Photo Source: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs)

Eight amenity blocks with restrooms, drinking water fountains, and vending machines have been built at eight different points along the Rajpath, and a total of 64 restrooms for women, 32 restrooms for men, and 10 accessible restrooms have been added.

16 Bridges
 (Photo Source: ANI)

On the entire span, there are 16 bridges. Two canals will permit boating.At the India Gate area, stepped plazas have also been constructed. bridges connecting the walkways making it pedestrian friendly.

State shops
 (Photo Source: ABP Live)

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD), the project's executing agency, has established five vending zones with a maximum of 40 vendors each, as well as two blocks close to the India Gate with a maximum of eight stores each. State wise kiosks are been assigned.

Pedistrian Friendly Underpass
 (Photo Source: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs)

Underpasses That Are Pedestrian-Friendly, A Transit Plaza has been created in order to more effectively manage citizen foot traffic. Additionally, the pedestrian subway guarantees inhabitants' safety and convenient transit. Ramp friendly pathways for disables.

Central Vista Proposal

The proposal includes the construction of new government buildings, such as a new Parliament House, a new Prime Minister's Office, and several new ministries. These buildings are intended to provide modern facilities and infrastructure to support the functioning of the government. The project also envisions creating more public spaces, green areas, and pedestrian-friendly zones to improve the overall experience for visitors.

Architects and urban planners have emphasized the importance of maintaining the architectural heritage of the Central Vista while incorporating contemporary design elements. The idea is to create a harmonious blend of the old and the new, ensuring that the new structures complement the existing ones and respect the historical context.

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